From: Bill
Thank you for all the help you have given me in obtaining veteran’s aid and assistance for my mother. When I was suddenly faced with the need to arrange and provide for the car of my mother. I felt rather helpless as to how to proceed and make the right decisions. Mom had always been independent and amazingly active until her age finally brought her to ask to go into a nursing home. After investigating the various possibilities, we determined that she did not need a nursing home, but rather assisted living. Being unaware of the expense of eldercare, learning of the cost was a great shock. I needed a plan to cover the expense, but it was clear that mom’s pension income and Social Security would not be sufficient. Then my conversation with you resulted in an unexpected and welcome solution when you informed me of the availability of veteran’s aid and assistance, for which my mother would be eligible as the surviving spouse of a World War II veteran. I anticipated a difficult and lengthy process with the application paperwork, but with your expert guidance and the application went through without a hitch and, to my surprise; I received notification of approval within two weeks. It was a great relief to know that there would now be sufficient funds to meet mom’s assisted living expenses. I am very grateful to you for your help in guiding me through a difficult circumstance.
Again, thank you so much for your help. I greatly appreciate the invaluable advice and assistance that you provided to me.



From: Yvonne –Seems like we have known each other years instead of only eight months. A lot has happened. Had to find a safe and pleasant assisted living facility for mom … learn there is financial aid available to allow my mother to “enjoy” her golden years without worry of financial ruin. I got to meet you and rediscover that there really are nice people still out there. I got to learn more about the legal world than I ever cared to know. After countless emails, telephone calls and sleepless nights … The check has finally arrived.
I cannot begin to thank you enough for your re-assurances, patience, expertise, and hopefully, continued friendship. With heartfelt gratitude on behalf of my mother- THANK YOU


From: Brian & Barry C.
I want to thank you for coaching my brother and I during the application process for VA benefits for my mother. Without your help, I know we would have been denied again. We applied 2 years ago and did not have the right information and wordage.
I hope you continue to help other deserving people like us.
Thanks again!


From: Michele – I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated all your help with obtaining Aid and Assistance as well as Assisted Living placement for my parents. As you know this had been a long and unproductive road for me.
In 2006 my father was designated as legally blind and my mother had mild dementia. Both were living with me at the time and were over 90 years old. I was forced to take Family Medical Leave from work costing me 25% of my wages. Their physician recommended that they enter assisted living. At that time they did not have sufficient income to pay for this. The doctor wrote an order for “Aid and Attendance” and referred me to the local county Office of Veterans Affairs. This Office assisted me in filing my parent first application for Aid and Attendance. After six months the claim was denied based on income. It seems the VA had made an error and doubled my parent’s actual income figure. When I called the VA to see if they could correct the calculation, I was told the “it is not that simple” and I was told to reapply.
I immediately prepared a second application. Again many months later the application was rejected because the medical expenses were listed as zero, instead of the amount I had itemized. I contacted the VA and was told that the expenses I submitted could not be considered because they were not recurring expenses. I was told to use my own resources to pay for my parents assisted living expenses and then resubmit the claim for 2007 at the beginning of 2008.
I could not afford to do this. Instead I continued on FMLA and also hired a home health care aide to assist. In 2008 I submitted my third application listing all medical expenses including the home health care worker. Early in 2009 I received a lump sum check for about $3000 and a notification that no further payments would be made. When I contacted the VA I was told that this was a “compassionate” decision and that neither my time and expense nor the expenses of the home health aide would count as recurring expenses, therefore my father did not qualify for a monthly pension. These three applications were filed through the Berks County VA office.
2009 was a bad year. My mother’s mental status worsened and she was hospitalized several times racking up about $8,000 in medical expenses. During this period she physically abused my father making it impossible for them to live without 24 hour a day supervision. At this time, I began searching for an assisted living facility. The plan was to use 100% of my father’s monthly resources to place my mother in a facility and my father would basically become dependent on me for his living expenses. The Berks County Office told me that if my mother was actually placed in a facility then if I reapplied again at the beginning of 2010 the pension would probably be approved sometime in 2010. This plan would have forced me to ignore the doctor’s order that my father also be in assisted living.
During my search for a facility, I was fortunate enough to be referred to you. You helped me prepare the fourth application in September of 2008, and by December 31, 2009 my parent had received retroactive benefits for all of 2009 and were approved for a monthly pension beginning in January of 2010. Not only that, but both parents were able to be admitted together to assisted living in September because the facility told me that if I was working with Mr. Walley then there was no doubt that the pension would come through and they would accept payment when the check arrived.
You proved them right. I just used the retroactive check to pay all the outstanding medical and assisted living expenses that had accumulated. Starting with Feb. 1, the Aid and Attendance plus my parent’s additional income will pay for 100% of their expenses.
May God bless you and your work


From: Hal & Nancy M. – Just wanted to thank you for your assistance in obtaining veteran’s benefits for my mother. Your assistance came at just the right time with my mother’s funds almost exhausted; social security would have been her only source of income. The benefits will help her continue to receive the quality care she needs at the nursing home and also takes the financial burden off our family. Again, thank you for all your help


From: SC Family –I am writing to express my gratitude for all your help in securing aid for my mom. As you know, my father is a deceased veteran as is my mother’s first husband who was lost in WWII.After my father’s passing, mom moved north and was living with my daughter. Due to a series of unfortunate episodes (my daughter had brain surgery, Mom’s hip broke, etc.) it became necessary to get Mom situated permanently in an assisted living facility. My greatest fear was that she would outlive her very limited resources. I was aware that she would probably qualify for aid from the VA and started the process with her local congressman’s office. All the paperwork was submitted including original documents and I felt it was only a matter of waiting two or three months. In the mean time I had heard of you through the assisted living facility. After literally eight months of being told repeatedly by the congressman’s office that everything was progressing, I started trying to get some information directly from the VA. To make a long story short, it seems that nothing had ever been filed and my original documents were nowhere to be found. That’s when you took over and the process was started again from square one but what a difference. In three month’s time, Mom has received her first check. My family and I can’t thank you enough.


From: Pat S. – Here is a copy of mom’s check. I first want to thank you for everything you did to help us. I don’t know what I would have done without hour help, or what I would have done with my mom. It has been a long year and even with the trouble my dear brother and his wife gave you, you didn’t give up on me. I wish I could thank you in person, I feel like I have known you a long time. Keep in touch and thank you again for everything.


From: Carolee – Thank you for all your help getting Aid and Attendance for my mother, Dorothy & setting up her long term finances. She can now live out her life with dignity


From: Raymond – We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks for all the help and guidance you gave us in filing for Veterans Assistance. We appreciate all the advice you gave us in filling out and filing the application. This assistance makes it possible for our mom to continue her stay at Schoolyard Square and have enough funds to cover the costs. My father was always proud of his military service. He would be even more proud to know that the time and dedication he spent in the military has benefited his surviving wife to sustain a place in an assisted living home, where she so needs to be for her safety and well-being. Again- We thank you very much


From: Nancy –My mother and I wish to thank you for all your time, advice, and effort you put into filing a claim on my mother’s behalf with the Veterans Administration. We would not have know help was available for her because of my father’s war time service. Thank you again, you cannot know how much we relied on you to direct us in the proper channels to help secure my mother’s place in the assisted care facility.


From:  Sandy & Dave C –  The time has finally arrived when we can thank you for all the help you have given us, in getting the VA Aid & Attendance benefit for Dave’s mom.  When we admitted her into an assisted living facility back in May, the administrator gave us your card, telling us you were the BEST one to help us with the VA benefit.  One phone call began a series of emails back and forth between us.  The forms were long and tedious, but you had answers for every one of our questions.  By the end of June, the forms were completed and ready to send in.  The approval letter came in October and her first benefit check came on Nov. 1st.  This benefit will help provide good care for Dave’s mom for the remainder of her life, thanks to you.  You were very patient in guiding us through the entire process and we will be forever grateful.  You have honored the memory of Dave’s dad, a proud veteran, in how you selflessly helped us afford good care for his wife of 65 years.  THANK YOU and may God bless you for your service to veterans and their families. Sincerely, Sandy & Dave



From: Jane D – Thank you so much for all the info you have given me concerning my father-in-law, J Graydon.  I have been very busy taking care of him which has been very traumatic, painful and difficult.  He has passed away in the middle of November and now it is on to settling his estate.  My other, Mary G is still reaping the benefits of all your help.  I have spread the word at the Villa and will so anything else you think that may help. My sister-in-law has a friend who may need your help.  I have passed along all your info.  Hopefully they will contact you soon. Again, Thank you. Jane